How Sahojas Work



The Sahoja currency system is continually updated and subject to change.

Who is qualified to earn Sahojas?

Members will automatically become eligible and will begin to earn Sahoja Rewards  (“Sahojas”) by establishing an account on the Sahoja Platform (“Account”).

How do I earn Sahojas?

Members can earn Sahojas by signing up for the Sahoja Platform. They can also earn Sahojas by engaging with the Sahoja Platform and receiving rewards for contributing to the Sahoja community (“Sahojas”).

Presently, members can earn Sahojas upon joining and by purchasing goods and services. Members can also purchase Sahojas on the Platform. From time to time, Sahoja will increase members’ ability to earn Sahojas. We expect to allow members to earn Sahojas by engaging with other members on the Sahoja Social Media Platform, by donating to Impact Partners, and otherwise contributing to the benefit of the Sahoja community.

Please check back frequently for a full list of ways members can earn Sahojas.

How many Sahojas will I receive when I open an Account?

Presently, members receive 10,000 Sahojas when they create an Account on the Sahoja Platform.

How can I use my Sahojas I receive upon joining?

Members may use these Sahojas to donate to Impact Partners only.

10,000 Sahojas received for signing into the APP are not redeemable for cash.

How can I use my Sahojas?

Members can use their Sahojas to donate to Impact Partners. Members can also redeem Sahojas for cash. Shortly, members shall be able to use Sahojas to reduce the price of goods or services they purchase on the Sahoja Marketplace.

How much are the Sahojas worth?

As of June 18, 2021: 1000 Sahojas are worth $1.20 USD.

Sahoja may change the value of Sahojas at any time. Please check back frequently to see what the present value of each Sahojas. The value of members’ Sahojas will be determined at the time the Sahojas are transferred to the members’ Account. When Sahoja adjusts the value of Sahojas, the system will alert you as soon as possible by posting the new value of Sahojas.

Can I buy Sahojas?

Yes, members can buy Sahojas.

How do I redeem Sahojas for cash?

Members can use the links provided in their profile section to check the history of their Sahojas usage and also request redemption for cash.

Who are Impact Partners?

Sahoja has identified socially conscious charitable organizations whose missions are aligned with our goal to build stronger communities and we invite to the Impact Platform.

Can I donate my Sahojas?

Members can donate Sahojas to Sahoja’s Impact Partners. Presently, members cannot transfer Sahojas to another member, subject to Sahoja’s Terms of Service. Once Sahojas are donated or transferred, the transaction cannot be reversed or undone.

Can I deduct my donation of Sahojas for tax purposes?

The initial 10,000 Sahojas received by Members upon signup are funded by Sahoja and members do not receive a tax benefit from this donation. Members should consult with a tax adviser regarding whether Sahojas earned by them and donated are deductible under U.S. tax rules and regulations.