Sahoja's Brands

Sahoja's merchants are carefully curated based on universal values of sharing and giving, so you know you're buying goods and services from companies you can trust.


337 Brand

337 Brand’s founders started the company based on the principal of circularity. Inspired by nature, comfort, and kindness, 337 creates effortless-style clothing with a hint of edge while also giving back to the earth.



Airnex founder, Gianmarco Meli, believes that air is one of the most intrinsically connected element to life itself. As a result, he’s created premium quality air filtration products to help people claim their natural right to “Breathe Clean.”


Alaska Glacial Essentials

Founder Lauren Padawer knew toxins in our water, food, and what we put in our skin were leaving a legacy of waste in our rivers and oceans, so she started making skin care which has turned into a complete skin care line.



éclipse is about freedom in simplicity. Founder, élise Champe, has created a full line of versatile, urban tech clothing and accessories, manufactured sustainably and locally in small batchesroven to regulate core temperature.


Elements Truffles

Alak Vasa was a trader on Wall Street before she turned chocolatier, making the decision to go back to her roots in Ayurvedic Science. Elements Truffles are made by hand by happy people using the purest ingredients.


Etching Bee

Never pay for water again. This is the message that founder, Ben Bruzik, is spreading to the world. He aims to replant the Amazon Rainforest during his lifetime by spreading awareness and by providing access to reusable alternatives.


Gina Cucina

Founder Gina Stryker, a world-renowned chef and also small-town girl, married the two together to form Gina Cucina, a seed-to-shelf, family-run business, which starts with non-GMO, organic ingredients.



Through collaboration with various artisan groups, Graymarket procures different textiles for their products. They are committed to working only with cooperatives that pay their skilled workers fairly.


Hay Straws

Inspired by the anti-plastic and no straw movement, HAY! Straws founders set to make a difference. The result: 100% biodegradable straws made from, you guessed it, HAY!


Himalayan Institute Shop

The original creator of the neti pot, the Himalayan Institute has been offering traditional and modern products for health and spirituality since 1971.


Luke’s Toy Factory

As a small boy, Luke Barber couldn't get enough of trucks, cars, and trains. With the same passion, Luke now makes toys with locally sourced, upcycled organic materials.


Luminous Essentials

Luminous Essentials makes Ayurvedic oils and body care products using only the highest quality ingredients, which are hand-crafted with love and Vedic mantras in small batches.


Made Simple Skin Care

Made Simple Skin Care was founded with the idea that taking care of yourself is tantamount to taking care of others and the planet we all inhabit. Their high quality, natural skin and oral products are both luxurious and sustainable.


Moka Origins

Moka Origins is a bean-to-bar chocolate factory and coffee roasting company dedicated to social change. Every product sold creates jobs, plants trees, and helps communities grow.


PX Clothing

A family business, PX Clothing designs are timeless and comfortable. Their commitment to their relationship with Mother Nature is clear, from their manufactring process to their philanthropic eforts.



Founders Adams and Evelyn based Root’d on their mission that a healthier you should also equal a healthier planet. So while they obsess over the perfect vitamin, they stay Root'd by their mission to help free the world from single-use plastic.


Shakti Warrior

Shakti Warrior’s products are based upon timeless principles of yoga. The company's eco-friendly yoga mats and accessories are made of cork, hemp, natural tree rubber, and Oeko-Tex certified eco-PVC.



Shankara products are based in Ayurveda and were developed to support the International Association for Human Values Foundation. 100% of the net profits are donated to global humanitarian work.


Sunshine Nut Co.

“Providing hope never tasted so good,” says Don Larson, founder of Sunshine Nut Company. And he has proven that a food company can be the catalyst for lasting economic transformation in some of the poorest countries in the world.


Wear Panda

The founders of Wear Panda believed that it was time for sustainable, eco-friendly, and beautiful sunglasses. 2500 days later the idea of sustainable eyewear seems to have taken root and grown like bamboo!