About Us

We're building a better world that’s  stronger-together

Sahoja helps you spread kindness to people and the planet through the causes you support, the purchases you make, and the community you create with us.

We envision a world

Where online communities support our universal longing for connection and make spreading kindness our norm.

We seek to

Provide online spaces to make it easy for people, companies, and nonprofits to build a better world together - one that puts humanity and the planet first.

We make ethical and sustainable living easy

It shouldn't be so hard to make a difference. Sahoja brings the most conscious companies, high-impact nonprofits, and like-minded people to your virtual door. Join us and 10x your impact on the causes that are close to your heart.


Good People

Sahoja is a space where you can make meaningful connections and have thoughtful conversations with other members, who, like you, are conscious citizens of the planet. You can also team up with others to make a bigger impact on the causes that you care about.


Good Products

Sahoja's brands are carefully curated based on universal values of sharing and giving, so you know you're buying goods and services from companies you can trust.


Good Causes

We make it easy for you to support social and environmental projects you care about. We've curated every nonprofit we work with to ensure they abide by the highest standards of transparency, generosity, diversity and impact they create.

Values we love

Embracing Diversity, Transparency, Positive Impact, Relevancy, and Generosity

Causes we care about

Peace and Well-being, Education, Poverty Alleviation, Women’s Empowerment, Rights of Children, Community Building,
Sustainability, and the Natural World

Creating a currency of kindness

Sahoja is all about sharing and giving, so whenever you do good, we'll reward you.

Whether you're connecting with other Sahoja members, donating to our impact partners, or buying goods and services from our Mindful Marketplace, we'll give you Sahojas for every positive action you take on the app. You'll be able to use those Sahojas to donate to causes that you care about buy conscious goods and services. Learn more about Sahojas

We believe that we're stronger together

"Sahoja" is a Sanskrit word that means "stronger together." We believe we can use our collective knowledge, influence and economic power to create social and environmental change on a global scale.

Together, we can build momentum for charitable projects. We can create market demand for conscious goods and services that are serving the greater good. And in time, we can realign our economy (and our global culture) with the universal values of humanity.