A social network with purpose and rewards

Sahoja’s purpose is to bring people together to support charities doing the work you care about, and responsible vendors whose profits go towards changing the world for the better.


Sahoja means stronger together. When we engage together online for a purpose, we can change the world.

How it works

Sahoja helps you spread kindness to people and the planet through the causes you support, the purchases you make, and the community you create with us.


Good People

Sahoja is a space where you can make meaningful connections and have thoughtful conversations with other members, who, like you, are conscious citizens of the planet. You can also team up with others to make a bigger impact on the causes that you care about.


Good Products

Sahoja's merchants are carefully curated based on universal values of sharing and giving, so you know you're buying goods and services from companies you can trust.


Good Causes

We make it easy for you to support social and environmental projects you care about. We've curated every nonprofit we work with to ensure they abide by the highest standards of transparency, generosity, diversity and impact they create.

Creating a currency of kindness

Sahoja revolves around sharing and giving, so whenever you do good, we'll reward you.

Whether you're connecting with other Sahoja members, donating to our impact partners, or buying goods and services from our Mindful Marketplace, we'll give you "Rewards Points" for every positive action you take on Sahoja. You'll be able to use those points to get cash back, buy conscious goods and services, or donate to causes (and people!) that you care about. Learn more about points